Welcome to the virtual art gallery featuring works of Ioni Mendoza and Grupo Uno covering oriental and western subjects in different painting mediums and techniques!

Passion Project

I’m excited to welcome you to my website. I’ve attempted to put one a few years ago. I did but discontinued for a while. There’s no other right time but today to revisit this passion project of mine. I’ll be sharing with you some of my thought process in creating art, related blogs and of course, my works. I hope my paintings and drawings resonate with you. I look forward to seeing you in my future exhibitions and connecting with you through my social links.

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In a snapshot, I do both oriental and western paintings. They're seemingly opposite like oxymoron of some sort. The two disciplines especially in techniques may differ but some foundation of composition is alike. I like the fact how the two seemingly different styles provoke emotions and promote appreciation of art.

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This section aims to share learnings from my mentors, some demos, interesting reads  from the classic masters themselves, and other resources you may find useful in developing your own passion in arts.

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Red Moon

Using the palette knife gives me freedom to create textures, blur lines and highlight my work fluidly. See the final work on my art gallery.

Making of Red Moon

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