Memories at ECCA Gallery

I have many fond memories at ECCA Gallery. This is the place where I first learned how to paint in oil, experimented with sundry subjects and held our very first group exhibition, entitled "Adler's Angels. The Undercover Artists". I have also met a number of like-minded students and teachers who eventually became friends.

I remember the time that I was afraid to even squeeze the paint out of the tube, mix it on the palette in gradating colors. I always looked forward to weekends to paint.

My first set of paintings done in ECCA include the Tutu, Age of Innocence, Reflection, In Anticipation, Skaters at Virginia Park, Niagara Falls, Zen Garden, Nostalgic Vigan and Ju5t W3d, among others. You can view them at the gallery under ‘Early Pieces’. They are now with very good friends and relatives in Manila, Winnipeg, Toronto, Arizona and Hawaii.